Hi I’m Daniel Doornekamp, Director of Homeless Link Alberta. I thought I would take a quick second and introduce myself and the organization.

I moved to Spruce Grove about 11 years ago. During my time here in Spruce, I have seen the city expand at a phenomenal growth rate, apx 5% annually. Phew, my head spins just thinking of it! I remember when I moved here, Campsite Rd. (or Jennifer Heil as it is known now) had almost nothing north of Tri. Now, the low rise and townhomes have just exploded in this area. And all around the old dog park off of the 16 and Century was nothing but fields with gophers. Growth is such a great thing, it has brought so much to our city, like a greater diversity, restaurants, shops and more commercial industrial. However, with such rapid expansion our city has been hit with some unfortunate realities of “city living” such as increased crime and the unfortunate number of homelessness.

I have always been drawn to helping in my community. Whether it is helping out with an animal in need, helping the local kids with their school charity drives or getting involved with out local municipal committees. You can say I thrive off community involvement. That is why as our Facebook community pages were exploding this past year with those in need living right in Spruce Grove, I had to get involved. I am deeply troubled that our community has seen an increase in homeless people and those who are at risk of becoming homeless.

This is why I am so passionate about our new organization Homeless Link Alberta! I believe together we can start making a difference to those in need. Please join me, and our dedicated volunteers, as we start our journey to helping others. If you want to join Homeless Link Alberta, Donate or know more, please do not hesitate to contact me via our contact page or at homelesslinkalberta@shaw.ca

Until next time. Dandan (1 of 1)

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