What do you do if you encounter a homeless person (or know someone at risk of becoming homeless)?

  • If you deem the person is in immediate distress CALL 911
  • If the person is in need of non-emergency assistance Contact us via Email Or Facebook
  • Please private message us any information regarding the person’s situation or any services they may need

What will we do?

  • We will dispatch a team of volunteers to make contact with person/persons
  • We will determine if they need a welfare check done via authorities (if it is deemed the person is in immediate distress)
  • We will ask the person if they are willing to receive the help or services we provide
  • If person is willing, we will ascertain any non-emergency needs the person/persons may need and link the individual with services in the area

What we can not do:

  • We cannot provide emergency services ALL EMERGENCIES HAVE TO BE DEFERRED TO 911
  • We cannot force people to accept help or services they do not wish to receive
  • We will not disseminate any private and confidential information of anyone we help on our social media platforms or to members of the public. We will however provide that information to the Authorities in accordance with PIPA


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